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Getting ready for a party? Just picking the best prom dresses of 2016 will not serve the purpose. You need a lot more effort than just picking the right dresses. Right Accessories, perfect clutch, and above all a breathtaking fragrance. Fragrances are more about your personality and reflect your choice and persona up to a great level. However, for selecting the right one, there are a few things that you must know. So, before you put your hands on a scent, do know what category it falls under:

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Probably this is the most demanded range of perfumes. Rose, lavender, jasmine and a whole lot of other varieties are available in the market to lure your senses.


With the hint of cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla, this category offers a muskier and slightly spicy fragrance.


Ruled by the woody essence, the Cnypre perfumes behold the hint of oak and moss. In a forward note, it does bring the citrus flavor to the nose. 


If you like the smell of fresh leaves, this one is the perfect pick for you. The scent is loaded with the essence of crushed leaves and grasses. Pouring it down will take you in the virtual world of greenery.


Fougere actually means fern and because of its stronger hint, it is typically used in the men’s fragrances. Yet, a bit of it can be found in some women’s perfume also.


Evoking the feel of the ocean, this category is mostly influenced by sandy beaches, sea, and salty air. With the hint of spices, this brings an almost masculine feel.


Think of cedar and sandalwood and the woody scents would be your first choice. Although, it is mixed with the earthy scents, yet the freshness of the woods will rule it forever.

The next time you go for the best perfume hunt, track your favorite fragrance.

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