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4 Perfumes that you must have in your closet in 2017


New Year brings with it a lot of fun and joy and you can even count it for transforming your wardrobe and accessories. So, this year, let’s try to stay a little groomed even if you possess a lazy side.  Elstores simplifies that task by bringing a collection of world class perfumes for you. No need for looking here and there or in the big lists, just get your hands on some of the best and classy perfumes to jumpstart your new year here:

Acqua Di Gio Perfume by Giorgi Armani: For Women

If you are looking for a perfect New Year start, then here we have the right perfume for you. Giorgio Armani is one of the best brands when it comes to making perfume. The signature smell of this perfume holds the scent of water rooted in the earth. The fragrance is further entangled with sweet floral essence. Just the smell is enough to 

Burberry Brit: For men

You get this fresh, oriental and woody fragrance with a hint of cedar wood to create a masculine and sexy scent. There is even a touch of wild rose and juicy green mandarin in this perfume. Bring it on and go flawlessly on every occasion; your lady is surely going to love this fragrance on you.

Amarige Perfume by Givenchy : For Women

Amarige Perfume is a favorite of everyone. The smell varies from woman to woman and if you have young children around you, this is the right choice. This one can also be flaunted with a range of cocktail dresses and accessories. So, pick this one without any hesitation.

Blvgari Blv Perfume: For men

It’s a scent of unexpected contrasts and astonishing harmony. The smell is fresh and spicy and totally fit for modern men. This one goes;especially for the occasion when you are in the party mood.

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  • Anuradha Gulati