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4 Styling Tips for Cocktail Dresses


From work to the party, women always need some good cocktail dresses in her wardrobe. Having more than few of it in your closet has been never too much as it serves all the purposes. Some may tend toward a classic choice while others go for a bit bold, no matter what you choose, and make sure to follow the latest trend. One key to choosing the right cocktail dress is following instinct and comfort level. Anything in which you are not comfortable or don’t give the confidence to wear can be counted among fashion disaster. To save you from such mistakes, here we have 4 ravishing tips for getting the right cocktail dresses:

Choose a Dress with at least one emphasizing Feature

While getting dressed, some people try to hide their, not-so-appealing feature that means you are buying a dress out of the negative approach. However, the right way to buy a party dress and accessory is to focus on reflecting your best features. While choosing a cocktail dress, try to give attention to its highlights. Some of the key features to be counted upon is- low neckline, shaped legs, and graceful bust.

Accessorize with Care

Many people think that accessorizing means wearing anything and everything that matches the dress. But this is certainly not the right approach. One side it is the large earring and glittery lipstick with lots of bangles, giving a glamorous look. Another side of this will be dangling earrings, low-key make ups, and formal heels.

Dress Length

While choosing any cocktail dress, one must take into consideration the length of  the dress. The length of dress plays an important role in providing you a near to perfect look. As the dresses are available in a variety of lengths, it becomes a little confusing to decide what goes by your height and body type.

Petite women can achieve the illusion of height with a shorter dress whereas a taller woman has the flexibility in dress length. However, if you are tall and slim, make sure to achieve a balanced look with a not-too-short dress.

Control the Dress

 Make sure you are wearing the dress and the dress is not wearing you. Being out of the comfort zone is fine, but do not let it overburden you. One key to being comfortable is selecting the right color of your cocktail dress.

The cocktail dress is the staple of modern wardrobe and you need to be sure of what you wear.

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  • Anuradha Gulati