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Dress According to Your Body Shape


Getting dressed like a celebrity becomes a whole lot easier when you select the dress according to your body shape. Most women fall into these four categories, including circle, hourglass, triangle, and rectangle. Here, we are going to tell you what suits the best to your body shape.

Hourglass- Curvy but Evenly Proportioned

The hourglass figure is curvy and you will find the bust and hips to be equally proportionate over here. Your long legs will balance the upper body figure, which is usually a defined body waist. The best type of dress to suit such body type usually has a well-defined waist. V-necklines, open necklines with accentuated   waistlines. A wrap dress will go perfectly with this type of body.

Pear- Larger at the Bottom

The pear prom girl body type is when the hips are larger than your bust. Your best asset, in this case, is your waist and you cannot avoid flaunting it. The goal here is adding volume to the upper body shape and for this; you will need a strapless or fitted open neck dress.

Rectangle- Straight Up and Down

For a petite body shape, showing a bit of leg will do the job. Wear asymmetrical hemline that can make you look taller. Opt for slim fitting summer dresses with vertical prints and pleating. Delicate and feminine dresses are also a great way to complement your body type. Complete your attire with the high heels as they will make you look slender.


Opt for the prom dress style that can draw attention from the midsection of the body. Those with Apple body shape will look best in baby-doll style dress. It can be long as well as short depending on your body type.

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  • Anuradha Gulati