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Dress up for the Holidays in Elegance


It’s the festive season and Christmas is around the corner. We want to be decked up in our holiday best, but also have to remember what awaits us on the special day. Dresses should be beautiful and elegant as you’ll probably be throwing or attending a party. There’ll be a lot of food so the risk of stains is real. Here are the main dresses you can wear to look stylish for the upcoming holidays.

  1. The maxi dress

Maxi dresses are comfortably fitting outfit is as stylish as it is simple. You can pair it up with handcuffs or clunky earrings. It’ll also hide any extra holiday weight you may or may not have gained.

  1. The shirt dress

A classic button up outfit works on a variety of levels and can be worn to a casual or formal party. Tighten a belt around the shirt if you want to look chic. Plain colours suit it best though vertical stripes make for a slimmer figure.

  1. The off shoulder dress

Perfect for an unexpected sunny day, an off shoulder dress will take years off your age. A loose hat can make it more stylish and embroidered details will give it a demure and feminine spin.

  1. Tunic Dress

Tunic dresses looks wild in a colourful print and can be worn over form fitting jeans or by itself. It’s impressively versatile and can be worn to a poolside party or office function. Pairing with high heels or sandals can also project that tall willow feature.

  1. The wrap dress:

Another all times piece is a wrap dress. You can pair it with a belt to make it stand out or side wrap it to hide any holiday cake fat. Make sure you accessorize with high heels to complete the elegant picture.

Remember to wear these dresses with a stylish attitude and according to your comfort. Happy Holidays!

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  • Anuradha Gulati