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Shoes to add to your wardrobe this holiday season


Shoes are the essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. There are a lot of styles to choose from and choosing the perfect one to go with an outfit is an art. Of course, mixing and matching shoes to find new styles as well as shopping for sleek new footwear is also an art. Here, we provide you with a few different types of shoes to choose from.

  1. Dyeables Women's Pumps Style Abbey

This soft purple number, costing 58$ has white satin insides and gives an understated sense of class. The heel height is a comfortable 1 ¾“ and can go perfectly with those form fitting jeans.

  1. Dyeables Women's Shoes Alexis 40842

These single strap heeled shoes have a silver satin finish and cost 70$. The heels have a sensible height of 2 ¼”. Pair them up with a casual dress and you’re all set for a fun outing.

  1. Savannah Taupe Satin Style 903

This classic pair of high heels comes in taupe satin with encrusted decorations on the strap. It costs 108$ and it’s heel height is a tough 3 ¾”. The elegant look it lends works for semi-formal affairs with a nice maxi dress.

  1. Dyeables Women's Shoes Style 1000_335

This affordable flat pair costs 64$ and is easy on the feet. It comes in white satin and is easy to slip on and off. The young ones can look stylish in casual dresses while sporting this pair.

  1. Women's Dyeable Ada Platform Pumps

These beautiful platform shoes will make you feel like Cinderella. They cost 70$ and have a heel height of 4”. They come in a pale blue finish and will go perfectly with that perfect dress you have for that special and formal occasion.

This varied list will give you the perfect types of shoes for all those social events in your calendar. From a holiday barbeque to a New Year’s party, these shoes will make every occasion better.


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  • Anuradha Gulati