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How to match accessories to your outfit?

Accessories speak volumes about your personality. If you want to be the talk of any party, you have to focus on the accessory along with the dress. A dress is considered incomplete without a perfect add-on. We take it on ourselves to help you find that one perfect accessory for your dress. Let’s see what’s best for your party dress:


First and foremost ingredient for a right accessory is color. If you are sporting a black and white dress or other neutrals, then accessories in any color will look good. If the dress is full of colors and embellishment, make sure the jewelries don’t clash with it.


The scale of your fashion accessory is a key to the success of your dress. When you are wearing patterns, go for simple accessories. Heavy accessorizing always has the chance to make the prints look tacky. Even with the fluffed and sequined dresses, we will recommend you to choose an understated jewelry.

 When we are talking about accessories, even your bags come under the radar. For tall and thin girls, hobos and clutches, petite women should go for boxy handbags, and short ladies should steer clear of long straps.


Fashion accessories define your style and can say a lot about your mood. One dress can portray many feelings, depending on the accessory of choice. Some of the standard options are:

  • Classic accessories: Pearl and diamond stud earring, leather clutch, and silk scarf
  • Glamorous accessories: Bib necklace, chandelier earrings, and large cocktail ring
  • Playful accessories: Hobo bag, skinny belt, chunky jewelry
  • Edgy accessories: Choker necklace, thick cuff bracelet, and black leather booties
  • Workday accessory: Large satchel, classic watch, delicate necklace, and kitten heels
  • Casual Accessories: Floppy hats, knee-high boots, candy-colored bracelet

Just pick the accessories to suit an occasion and look gorgeous than ever.

4 clutches that are an all time favorite

4 clutches that are an all time favorite

Cyber Week is around the corner and we all are rushing towards what to buy and what to wear. Looks like, suddenly a lot of amazing deals have come our way, leaving us confused on what to pick and what to leave.

On a quick note, we are here to help you select some of the good bags for your wardrobe. The catch here is even though Cyber Monday looks like a steal you have to be precise with what you put in your shopping cart.

 To let you make the right decision and accessorize the right dress with clutches and purse, here we have some quick tips for you:

Chic Clutches

No matter how many you have in your wardrobe, clutches are always a life saver. When you have some classic pieces of clutch in the closet, all you have to do is grab them and go for a brunch or shopping. The great things here is they are available in myriads of option and good deals. We are not lying, check this out:

A statement bag

A style is a way to show the real yourself without having to recite anything. Show your mood with a statement bag. Colored, funky, glittering or quirky, you can get anything you want according to your mood.


When you have to go around with lots of errands and an impossible number of things are in the way, a tote bag can be the life saver. Bring your laptop or the shoes, this bag has room for everything.

The glittering one

You cannot afford to go dull in the evening party. So, flaunt a beautiful glittery bag with a sassy gown. Believe us, it is going to work.

Get going and dress to steal all the hearts.