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Give A Makeover To Your Looks By Wearing Faviana Dresses On The Upcoming Wedding Season!!!


Every woman at some time or the other faces the difficulty of choosing a dress to suit her as per her body shape and size. A woman’s wardrobe is full of beautiful and elegant dresses but still she is unable to choose a dress for the upcoming event! A woman’s sentiments are attached to her dresses and it is a woman’s wish to look her best at the party. Wearing faviana dresses, She can easily give a makeover to her looks on the upcoming party. 

A woman is the real charm of every event or occasion. And to roll the eyes of people present in the party towards her she definitely needs to wear an elegant, pretty and charming outfit. The most difficult thing in a woman’s life is to choose a sparkling and dazzling dress from plenty of dresses available in the markets. But going in markets and trying a number of gowns is a tiresome task for any woman. So with the advancement in technology and being a part of internet generation, we can surf and choose an elegant and gorgeous dress as per the occasion.

There are a variety of gowns available online like Faviana evening dresses, little black dresses, embellished white and black gowns and many more to choose from. Most difficult task is to pick the dress as per your body size and shape. If you are a bit healthy then you can go for full sleeves gowns to hide your bulges. If you are skinny than you have a variety of options to choose from like white wedding dresses, tube dresses that highlights your neckline or a dazzling black dress and many more.

By wearing an alluring and elegant dress a woman looks even more attractive than she actually is! So selecting the right dress as per the event is very important for every women and she has to put in a lot of efforts to be the beauty of the event and attract the crowd.





Look Sparkling and Glamorous by wearing Jovani Dresses!!!

Every woman is baffled what to wear while going for evening party, prom night or any other family function.  Although a woman’s wardrobe is full of plenty of dresses still choosing the right dress for her party is the most difficult decision to make! A women needs to look as sparkling as the party lights, in order to win the hearts of the people present in the party. Every woman has a dream of looking beautiful, so as to get appraised by the people and be a centre of attraction among all of them in the party. For that they have a wide variety of dresses in their wardrobe. Although, they have plenty of dresses with them, but still they go to shops to buy a new dress for herself. This is because they get confused, as they do not get a perfect dress for the special occasion.

The dresses for the women are classified into different categories including the bridesmaid dresses, Jovani dresses, prom dresses, full-figured dresses, party dresses and many more. They also have an option of wearing the dress on the basis of its size. They can go for appealing long and short dresses as per their wish. If they are unable to carry long embellished heavy dresses, then they can go for short dresses, which are easy to carry.


Most of the times, it has been seen that the designer dresses meant for special occasion are a bit expensive and not affordable by every woman. But, now they have an opportunity to buy these designer dresses online at an affordable price. This will help them to make their dream come true by wearing perfect dresses on every occasion within their budget. The most frequently chosen category of dresses is the Jovani dresses. These dresses are designed in such a way that they can be considered as a subtle choice by them adding stars to their looks and appearance.


Long Sleeve Evening Gowns for the Beautiful You

Going to a party and have a craze for long sleeve evening gowns? Go for the designer evening gowns given below, pick any of them and look stunning at your next party.

Nude Sheer Dress

A dazzling long sleeves evening gown with crystal embellishment all over. This evening gown is the perfect choice for prom or any other party where you just want to steal the show. With a nude shade, this gown also has a sheer back and the beauty of crystal all over. Accessorize with a pair of statement earring and set the evening on fire.

Gorgeous Red Gown


Make the heads turn by wearing this gorgeous red gown for your prom or any evening party. Crafted with elegance, this long Jovani dress is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to go chic at a party. This long sleeve fitted lace gown has an illusion neck and back line. Pair it up with high heels and statement earrings and appear to be the gorgeous and glamorous you.


Long Sleeve Jersey Gown

Be beautiful and bold you in this long sleeve jersey gown. With a plunging neckline and sexy slits, this Jovani dress can make the heads turn with your entry in the party. Along with being comfortable, this one will give a chic look also. Pair it up with a small statement earring and sexy heels.

Black Long Sleeve Dresses

No matter what, black has always fascinated the teenagers as well as adults. So, if you are one of the black dress lovers, this beautiful black dress will surely suit you. It has been beautifully beaded all over the gown with a sexy keyhole back. Wear it with statement earrings and red lipstick and you can be the show stealer for sure.

5 Summer’s Must have Accessories

Summers are here and so as the time for skinny cuffs, thin rings, the enchantingly created accessories. With any argument, everyone must agree to the fact that jewelry is the best friends of a woman. So, whether it is diamonds or pearls, they love it all.

  1. Ear Cuffs

Keep it light yet simply beautiful with the ear cuffs. No need of multiple piercing, just fake it with multiple ear cuffs. Believe us, it goes fabulously with the summer attire.

  1. Fun Neck Pieces

Whether you have opted for tank tops or breezy maxi dresses, there is always a room for something extra. Go for a statement neck piece and don’t forget to keep it light, bright, and beautiful.

  1. Nautical Jewelry

Nautical jewelry represents the enchanting collection of coastal life and embraces the aura of summers. Every girl should have a beautiful collection of trendy nautical jewelry also. You can get designs like anchors, seashells, fish, and starfish, you will get a whole lot of it in the timeless collection of nautical themed women jewelry.

  1. Fraternal earrings

Being an essential part of the summer wardrobe, every piece of fraternal earrings comes in various shapes and size. Not one, not two, there should be many in your collection. Each of the pieces will have a different story to tell and will surely add elegance to your attire.

  1. Chokers

One other piece of the necklace this summer is the choker. Featuring colorful and bold gems, they are really high in demand this season. Along with being classy, they do add the funk to the outfit. Classic gold or silver chokers, both are appropriate for adding elegance to your summer attire.


  1. Matthew 17/20

The necklace is called Matthew 17:20, the clear see through stationary flower has a real mustard seed inside; the semi-precious stone is called Amazonite, and will vary in color, and the leaf has crystals.

Regardless of what you have in your wardrobe, get going and grab these top picks.

5 Exotic Scents to Wear This Season

5 Exotic Scents to Wear This Season

Fragrances! What’s your pick for the season? Not too sure, well, we did the task for you and here are the exclusive picks to bag this season:


Charlie Gold by Revlon


Featuring fragrances of Charlie Gold include orange, apricot, plum, sandalwood, amber, musk, peach, jasmine, cedar, and rose. Altogether, the ruling notes are floral fragrances that give a feminine hint when mixed with sweet and green spaces. Popular ever since 1995, this product is all time favorite of working women. You see, its feminine aroma works well with the office atmosphere.




Touch of PinkTouch of Pink


If you are on the hunt of a scent that reflects the harmonious mixture of fruity and floral smell, then 90210 Touch of Pink Perfume will work for you. Famous since 1992, this refreshing fragrance is somewhat the mix of white flowers and green apples. The best part is you can wear it any time of the day without overdoing it. The fruity flower scent lingers around for a long time.




Coty Wild MuskCoty Wild Musk


Coty Wild Musk – A famous oriental fragrance for women that is ruling the hearts of the beauties out there since 1972. The fragrance features jasmine, vanilla, musk, and rose. For the price it is available on, there cannot be a better pick.





Flora by GucciFlora by Gucci


It’s sweet, clean, fresh, as well as pretty. Yes, we are talking about Flora by Gucci that is counted among top woman accessories. The strong notes are said to be of rose, peony, pink pepper, citrus, and sandalwood, but above all what counts the most is the clean and sparkling floral notes.




Ellen Tracy Exotic BronzeEllen Tracy Exotic Bronze


Love the fruity aroma, then Ellen Tracy Exotic Bronze will be your type. With the top note of raspberry, peach, and white tea this counted among the top favorites of women in their 20s. You can play around with this beautiful accessory in all glam attitudes.

Discover Your Favorite Type of Fragrance

Getting ready for a party? Just picking the best prom dresses of 2016 will not serve the purpose. You need a lot more effort than just picking the right dresses. Right Accessories, perfect clutch, and above all a breathtaking fragrance. Fragrances are more about your personality and reflect your choice and persona up to a great level. However, for selecting the right one, there are a few things that you must know. So, before you put your hands on a scent, do know what category it falls under:

El's Store Fragrance



Probably this is the most demanded range of perfumes. Rose, lavender, jasmine and a whole lot of other varieties are available in the market to lure your senses.


With the hint of cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla, this category offers a muskier and slightly spicy fragrance.


Ruled by the woody essence, the Cnypre perfumes behold the hint of oak and moss. In a forward note, it does bring the citrus flavor to the nose. 


If you like the smell of fresh leaves, this one is the perfect pick for you. The scent is loaded with the essence of crushed leaves and grasses. Pouring it down will take you in the virtual world of greenery.


Fougere actually means fern and because of its stronger hint, it is typically used in the men’s fragrances. Yet, a bit of it can be found in some women’s perfume also.


Evoking the feel of the ocean, this category is mostly influenced by sandy beaches, sea, and salty air. With the hint of spices, this brings an almost masculine feel.


Think of cedar and sandalwood and the woody scents would be your first choice. Although, it is mixed with the earthy scents, yet the freshness of the woods will rule it forever.

The next time you go for the best perfume hunt, track your favorite fragrance.