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How to select a classy dress?

Is it the time to change your style a little more? A bit of sophistication and class is always welcomed and may be you want to change the way you look. So, if you are stuck with this thought, we are going to tell you how to pick a classy dress:

  1. Wear classy fabric

A dress is more about the fabric being used in it. The same design of dress will take different looks when created with different fabrics.  Cotton, wool, linen, and silk are four such fabrics that have a classy vibe of their own. These fabrics do have a lot of variation so you can always think of expanding your wardrobe.

  1. If in doubt, wear solid neutrals

Bold patterns and prints can work in a classy and sophisticated way, but neutrals are always your friend when you can’t find a choice. Whenever you are confused, consider wearing neutrals, and there are plentiful in stores, so you can always have a lot of options to select. Typical neutrals are black, gray, navy blue, white, cream, and beige.

  1. Fit is the key

Classy and sophisticated, the dress automatically becomes so when it’s the right fit. If it’s the skirt, make sure it hits just below or above the knees. If you think something is wrong with the dress, don’t hesitate it in taking to the local tailor.

  1. Don’t go overboard with the accessories

Simple jewelry is the best way to highlight your dress. A ring and bracelet can be carried with all the dresses, but when it’s about earrings and necklace, try choosing one of them. You can go for both, but only if your dress allows and that too with minimal addition. And don’t forget about the shoes, it is said a good pair of shoes take you to the right people.

We hope the post has answered all your questions. So, pick one of your favorite dresses and flaunt it with classiness.