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Top Tips for Wearing Perfume


It has been ages, still it is assumed that perfumes bespeaks of a woman’s personality. Technically, a woman beholds her natural fragrances and when this fragrance is combined with a complementing perfume, it enhances the body aura. Yet, every lady should know the right way of pouring down the fragrances. So, all that you need to know is here:

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Know your Perfume

As we said above, fragrances speak when they get mixed to your body fragrance. What smells great on your friend’s body might not suit you. The trick is – you need to check it personally. In the first go, test it on the card and wait for a few minutes to taste the middle notes. However, if you are already wearing perfume on your evening dress, this might not be the right time to taste. Mixing down the dual fragrances might overwhelm your senses.

Carry Coffee Beans

Going for the perfume tasting might block your senses for a few minutes. If you anything like that, it is likely that you need to reset your olfactory palate. When heading towards the fragrance testing, take some coffee beans and sniff it. This will refresh your nose and you will be able to get the real note.

Pick the Right Spot

The perfect way to wear fragrances are picking down the pulse points. Blast it inside your wrist, behind your ears, the crook of the elbow, and down the cleavage.

Layering Does Help

Buy a perfume and other body products in the same base and use them in one go to improve the longevity. However, don’t expect too much out of it as even the best perfume will not last more than five hours. So, you will need to repeat after a few hours.

The next time you wear a perfume, do it in the right way.

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  • Anuradha Gulati