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Color Trends to Follow this Fall


From statement furs to velvet dresses, fall is throughout an awesome season to try the variant of dress styles.  Fall brings with it saturated earthy tones and mystifying jewel tones. Burgundy, cyan and there is much more to browse this fall. Here, we have brought to you a complete guide for the color selection of the fall:

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones have made a major comeback this season. The hues of cognac and copper are something you should try for sure this fall. The main shades to be considered are olive, rust, and coppertone.  However, this season olive has taken a shift towards the darker shades. Make it work next to marigold and it will look better. As per the coppertone, the combination of plum and dark chocolate works.

Neutral Tones

There are darker hues of the neutral group this season. Blue plays the vital role in this color palette, with navy as the base color. Whether, it is the dark teal or deeper blue tonalities, this color combination brings out the newness of colors. For the shades of brown go for the deepest one. Club it with the hues of burgundy and scarlet to add newness.

Bright Palette

The earthy tones are ruling the trends but that doesn’t mean you can't go for the brighter tones. Red continues to play an important role in the brighter shades of summers. It can be red, yellow, and orange as well. On the cooler side of it, blue will be just fine to pick. Midnight purple and magenta pink will make a top place this season.

Jewel Tone

Burgundy remains the main shades of this jewel tone palette.  Color combinations of magenta, salmon, and tangerine will add newness to your attire. Go for any cocktail dress or a short dress of this color and your purpose will be served.

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  • Anuradha Gulati